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Pingyao Attractions

Zhenguo Temple : The Zhenguo Temple sits in Haodong Village, northeast of Pingyao County, Shanxi Province.Built in 963, the temple was abandoned in the Ming (1368-1644)-Qing (1644-1911) period. The main hall, the Wanfo Hall (Ten-Thousand-Buddha Hall), which currently stands in the center of the front courtyard, was restored in 1815 during the Qing Dynasty.
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Wang Family's Compound : Acclaimed as the "First Folk Residence in Cathay", the Wang Family's Compound is the largest-existing folk residence cluster in China and a model of the merchant family's residence in Shanxi Province, demonstrating the quintessence of Chinese architectural art and cultural values.
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Temple of the City God : Temple of the City God, situated on the main Nanda Jie of Pingyao City, was first built in the Northern Song Dynasty. This temple is a fine example of both deeply rooted religious and cultural traditions of our country. The Buddhism, the Taoism and the residential customs have combined to one in this temple.
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