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Xiamen Travel Guide

Xiamen is situated on the Southeast coast of China and to the west of the Taiwan Straits. It covers an administrative area of 1,565 square kilometers with seven districts and has a population of 1.27 million. Known as in-xiamenone of the earliest treaty ports opened to foreign trade in the Chinese history, Xiamen is also an important window to foreign exchange at the present time. Xiamen has been famed as a hometown of overseas Chinese with 400,000 overseas Chinese of Xiamen descent, chiefly distributed in such nations or territories as Southeast Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao. Xiamen has a close relationship with all parts of the world and has established sister city relationship with six nations successively. The Philippines and Singapore have consulates in Xiamen. As one of the earliest Special Economic Zones, Xiamen is empowered with provincial-level authority in economic administration. Its national economy has experienced anrapid growth. Xiamen Port has opened sea routes with more than 60 ports in more than 40 countries and regions including Japan, America, Singapore, the Mediterranean, Hong Kong, Korea and Taiwan. Xiamen International Airport has 60 airlines to and from places at home and abroad. It is the sixth largest airport on the mainland China. Xiamen is connected to the National Rail Network through Yingtan-Xiamen electric railway and linked inside Fujian Province and to adjacent provinces through high rank highways and freeways.

"A city on the sea and sea in the city", Xiamen is a beautiful "seaside garden". Islands and islets, cliffs and crags, rocks and stones, temples, flowers and woods show up to advantage with each other. The local conditions, Taiwanese customs, delicious seafood and exotic buildings melt into one another. Spring-like weather in four seasons is another feature attractive to tourists visiting this seaside city. With beautiful sceneries and congenial climate, Xiamen can be considered as one of the cities with best environment all over the country.in-xiamen

It has limitary sea water, vast sandy shores, and bright sunshine. Owing to fine ecological environment and fresh and clean air, tens of thousands of white egrets inhabit there, which forms a unique natural landscape of Xiamen. Also because of its shape like a white egret, it is also called "Egret Island". Xiamen has picturesque views and clean and tidy environment. Known as a famous tourist destination, it is accredited as a National Sanitary City, National Model City for Environmental Protection, National Garden City and National Excellent Tourist City. It is generally acknowledged as one of the most livable cities in China.

Xiamen is also an ideal place for holding all sorts of international conferences and exhibitions. The present 9.8 China investment and trade conference every year has become one of the largest international economic and trade gatherings all over the country. Other sorts of conferences and exhibitions are held successively. Xiamen is working toward the goal of becoming a famous city for international conferences and exhibitions.

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