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Tibet Shopping

What to buy:
Tibetan knife still works as a defending tool or an adornment for Tibetan people, but it is also a souvenir favored by people from both home and abroad for its fine workmanship, sharp blade and unique styles. The scabbard takes wood, copper, iron or silver as material and is often carved with Tibetan language as well as delicate designs such as dragon, phoenix, lion, flower and so forth. Some of the designs are adorned with gems and agates.
Tangka is a painting with the main theme of Buddhism. It has distinctive ethnic features, using complicated lines, bright colors and is rich with religious flavors. Diverse Tang are statements of the locals towards Tibetan history, culture, art, science and technology, cohesion of their civilization, wisdom, religious fidelity and strong affection of their homeland.
Tibetan distilled liquor is a sort of light alcohol made of wheat or highland barley through fermentation, which tastes weak and mellow, and the alcohol is about 20-30 degrees strong. The distilled liquor of Mangkang County in east Tibet and Yadong County at the border area is famous for its distinctive features.
Milk products are the important food of Tibetan. The Tibetans always keep them at home or take them with themselves when going outside for food. In Tibet, where there are few between-meal nibbles, the adults always give children milk scrap as between-meal nibble.
Where to buy:
Commercial areas in Lhasa are centralized around Potala Palace. Barkhor Street, the most renowned business center, is located in its southeastern direction. The prosperous Yutuo Walk Street stretches westward from Barkhor Street and ends with Lhasa Department Store. Beijing Road, one of the two main streets in Lhasa, busily assembles numerous Tibetan coutures, jewelry shops and supermarkets.

Barkhor Street:
Barkhor is a nice shopping market in Lhasa and is a must for every tourist. You can find various of odd and fascinating stuff, for religious and secular uses. Small shops and stalls on the street sell a large range of items such as prayers flags, Buddha figures, conch-shell trumpets, rosaries, amulets, fur hats, horse bells, bridles, copper teapots, wooden bowl, inlaid knives and jewelry inlaid with turquoise and other gems.

Lhasa Department Store:
It has all sorts of articles for sale including practical items like cotton clothing, towels, toothpaste and canned food. The interior is pleasant and open. Goods here are moderately priced. The department store has places for dining, recreation and a fitness center.
Address: No. 1, Yutuo Road (left of the Potala Square)
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