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Home >> China Attractions >> Urumqi Attractions >> Heavenly Lake

Heavenly Lake

Located in the middle of Northern Tianshan Mountains, 120 km (70miles) east of Urumqi, the Heavenly Lake stands 1910 m above sea level .It Covers 4.9 square kilometers, shaped like a crescent moon. It's a mountain moraine lake, surrounded by alpine meadows and rugged snow-capped mountains densely covered in fir, pine and cypress. The hills dotted with the Kazak yurts, the home of nomadic Heavenly LakeKazaks.

In summer, the beautiful lake is an ideal cool resort. During the winter it becomes a skating rink, offering good opportunities for the skating lovers.

Legends make it more mysterious and charming. It is said that the Queen Mother (Xi Wang Mu) entertained Emperor Mu of the Western Zhou Dynasty at the Lake. They fell in love each other and lived happily for several years. The Emperor Mu promised to come back one day to see her again when he left the Heavenly Lake, but he never returned.

Entrance Ticket: CNY 100 (Apr. to Oct.); CNY 50 (Nov. to Mar.)
Shuttle Bus or Cable car: CNY 35 (round trip)
Buggy to the Lake: CNY 10 (round trip)
Lake Cruise: CNY 35
Taoist Temple: CNY 15
The main Tourist sites at the Heavenly Lake:
The Rock Gate – located at the foot of the Heavenly Lake, the only gate pass to the lake between the lofty hills with a river.

The Western little Heavenly Lake – located on the way to the lake on the road side. It's said that it's the pond of the Queen Mother to wash her feet as it has crystal clear water.

Bogda Peak – Located on the other side of the lake, it's the 3rd highest peak of the Heavenly Lake, with an altitude of 5445 m. One can see the snow on the top of the mountains all year round. It's source of the water of the Heavenly Lake.

The Magic Elm Tree- located on the bank of the lake, it's said it was a hair pin of the Queen Mother. The legend goes that the Queen Mother hosted a big banquet at the lake, and invited all the God and Heavenly LakeGoddess except the God of Water. He was so upset and angry, so he tried to destroy the party with his waves. Queen mother placed her magic hair pin on the bank and stopped the water .It's said it became an elm tree.

The Taoist Temple – located on the hillside of the lake. This temple is rebuilt in the beginning of 1990. The old one was destroyed into the war in 1930ies. It can be reached by foot or by boat.

The Eastern Heavenly Lake – located on the other side of a hill, it formed by the water of the lake.One can see a waterfall and a beautiful lake.

The Heavenly Lake – 120km away from the city, it takes about 2 hours. Bus stops at the main entrance, you can either take shuttle bus or cable car to go up to the lakeside. Lake cruise is available. 800 yuan by taxi. Tourist buses available in front of the People's Park, costs 30 Yuan.
Entrance fee: 100 Yuan
Shuttle bus or cable car: 35 Yuan (round trip)
Buggy: 10 Yuan (round trip)
Lake Cruise: 35 Yuan (round trip)
Taist Temple: 15 Yuan

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