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Dunhuang Attractions

Mingsha Shan & Yueya : The Mingsha Shan is so named for the sound of the wind whipping off the dunes. The area is very popoular with tourists. A street lined with souvenir stalls leads up to the entrance to the complex. Most tourists ride camels, organized by the complex opoerators, to reach the sand dunes.
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Mogao Caves : Dunhuang Mogao Caves, also known as thousand Buddha Grottoes, it's located at the rock side of the Singing Sand Mountain in Dunhuang city of Gansu Province. The 3or 4 tier grottoes extend 1.6 kilometers. According to historical records, the Mogao Caves were carved in 366 AD. There are 492 grottoes in existence with some 45,000 square meters of murals, and 415 painted clay figures. It¡¯s worthy of the name of art treasure house of the Chinese Nation.
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Yulin Grottoes : Yulin Grottoes are located 75 kilometers southeast of Anxi County in Gansu Province. They are the branch of the Dunhuang art complex, also named Ten-thousand Buddha Valley. It is one of the important caves in Gansu Province, other art paradise in China. Yulin Grottoes consists of the existing Tang, Five Dynasties, Song, Western Xia, Yuan dynasties.
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More Dunhuang Attractions
Mingsha Shan & Yueya Mogao Caves Yulin Grottoes
Dunhuang Tours
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