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Lijiang Attractions

Tiger-Leaping Gorge : The Tiger-Leaping Gorge is situated at the gap through which the Golden Sand River rushes between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and HaBa Snow Mountain. This spectacular site is about 55km north of Lijiang City. It is locate at both the border of Zhongdian and Lijiang and therefore comes under the control of the both prefecture.
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Old Town : This town was built about 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty. Owing to it's unique ethnic culture and urban layout, this old town (including Baisha and Shuhe housing clusters) was enlisted to be one of World Cultural Heritage in 1997. This ancient town has an area of 3.8 square km with about 30,000 residents living in it. Two major families reside in this town: the Mu Family (the former ruling family) and the He Family. There are three entrances to the Old Town.
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Lugu Lake : This lake is located at the border of Sichuan and Yunnan Province. It is 72km north of Ninglang Town and is also under the control of both provinces. The lake is 2685 meters above sea level and has an area of 48.5 square km. The deepest end of the lake is about 93.5 meters. The beauty of the lake with its surrounding breath-taking scenery makes this lake an excellent tourist resort. The Moshuo people are the main inhabitants in this place.
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Tiger-Leaping Gorge Old Town Lugu Lake
Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
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